Exploring all aspects of human souls is my great passion. Getting to know myself was and still is my main driver. It prompted me ask questions and seek answers in philosophy, anthropology and psychology or when touring the world, meeting new ways of life and languages. Thus, having an enhancing effect.


I studied law and worked as a lawyer in Spain. However, my curiosity let me quickly realize that I have other, stronger interests guiding me down a different path. This path filled with passion was particularly marked by family constellations as a form of therapy which in turn dramatically changed the way I see people: no more as an isolated individual, but more as a family-focused and global system where everything is interconnected. Here, I feel deep gratitude to Bert Hellinger, his wisdom and legacy. I am very fortunate to have experienced him as part of my training in Germany and Spain.


Astrology also has a significant impact on my personal life. Having knowledge about my own birth chart, revealing new factettes of my personality to date unknown to me and being a strong force behind my personal growth, I decided to start training in astrology at the astrologic school Cosmograma in Barcelona. I completed my training in psychology, family constellations and astrology in Spain and Germany. I am a qualified alternative practitioner for psychotherapy.


I live in Germany and my consulting rooms are in the heart of Munich. I also offer online therapy services. I would be greatly honoured to accompany you on your journey.